пятница, 26 декабря 2014 г.

Новогодние резолюции и всё такое

Merry Christmas!

Пришла пора признать, что я никудышный блоггер. Нет, ну правда. У меня в голове столько мыслей и идей, событий проходит тоже великое множество, а в моем блоге так пусто, что разве что перекати-поле не хватает для полноты картины.
В августе, когда я отдыхала в Болгарии, я много думала на счет блога и многое переосмыслила. Приехала я оттуда с таким мощным воодушевлением и мотивацией и... ничего. What's wrong with me?
Конечно, я прекрасно понимаю, что ключевой фактор здесь - моя лень. Нужно перебороть лень и тогда все будет... Вот только сказать это намного проще, чем сделать (ха! но и сказать тоже, все-таки я уже хоть что-то написала в блог - будем считать это хорошим началом).
Новый Год - это всегда то время, когда мы строим планы на будущее, даём сами себе какие-то обещания, составляем новогодние резолюции... В конце концов, ну а когда, если не сейчас! Так что торжественно клянусь перед всеми, кто это читает (как известно, обещание, данное кому-то, выполнить легче, чем данное только себе), что я всё-таки буду вести блог! Хотя бы как-то, хотя бы на русском. Тут, кстати, тоже, как мне кажется, один из ключевых моментов - я сразу замахнулась на англоязычную аудиторию, потому что многие зарубежные лолиты и просто мои друзья хотели бы читать мой блог, но если я не могу перебороть лень написать что-нибудь даже на русском, что уж говорить про англ... На родном-то языке любому изъясняться проще, а меня не хватает даже на это.
В общем решено! Буду писать на русском, по мере возможности (наличия сил/силы воли/желания) буду делать перевод на англ. В конце концов, русских интересных кавай и лоли-блогов тоже совсем немного, может кому-то будет интересно))

Прошу простить за такой скучный пост, но мне он был нужен. Хотя бы просто как пинок.

Short summary for my english-speaking friends: This post is some kind of my new year's resolution. I promise post more in my blog but mostly in Russian I'm sorry -_- Otherwise I'm afraid the blog will be totally empty. I will try doing English translation sometimes.
Remember you can still use online-translator and see pics after all ^_~

понедельник, 26 мая 2014 г.

Lolita Musical!

Finally it's here! Yay! We were filmed it in February but you know it is a long process XD
Now all of you can enjoy it! I hope you really will ^^

 I have only a little role in the crowd but it's nice anyway :) And in my opinion final video is simple amazing!

среда, 7 мая 2014 г.

Lolita meet-up

My new two blog entries are about lolitas meet-up in Moscow recently.
Well I'm a little bit slowpoke with this reports but I really have no time for blog in March and April because of problem in my family (and my own laziness too, of course -_-). Whatever it was, I'll try not to throw a blog and write more often in the future

So, lolita meet-up! 

First was the meet-up devoted to our guest from St.Petersburg (very pretty girl Liza "Bloody Bird") and the multimedia Van Gogh exhibition!

The exhibition called 'Van Gogh Alive' and it was kind of modern art... I don't really like modern art indeed XD I prefer more classic way... But I must say I liked this exhibition! It was a little bit strange but nice I really enjoyed it.  
Paintings by Van Gogh's "alive" on the walls of the exhibition hall, appeared before the audience in animated form! And with music. I'm not a great connoisseur of Van Gogh, so I really liked that, viewing the entire show, I got a clear idea of ​​his creative periods. Now I can participate on a TV show with questions about Van Gogh, yay V^_^V

After visiting the exhibition, we agreed to meet in a cafe with other girls. Before that we had a few free minutes to take outfits shoot in the yard of art center ^^

Here is pics stolen from my friends angie_dream and Bloody Bird because I forgot my camera that day XD Many thanks to girls for this photos!

Girls in black XD


Hey, it's me! ^^

A group shoot!

Me, my friends and Instax mini ^^

 Here we are!

After this little photoshoot, we went to a cafe, where we waited for the other girls who are not such a big fans of fine art. XD 

In Russian we call this kind of cafe "pirogovaya", which means that it only serves cakes! And drinks, of course. The cakes here are really tasty, and drinks hit us with the variety and originality. It was a lot of fun! Especially when they brought us tea with a whole chili peper, for example.

Aaand of course outfit-pics from a cafe! 

Me ^^

My back on this pic XD I loooove the back of this dress! ♥

At the cafe we were served by very cute boys waiters. They stared as we photographed and were impressed. XD  And suddenly told us: "You want us to bring the cats?". OMG what? Cats? They want to bring us cats in the cafe? At first we did not understand, but agreed (just in case XD).

And what was our surprise when they actually carried out cats from the service room! Wow!
It turns out that these two cats live permanently in the cafe. So cute!

I think the cats  is a good touch to finish this entry.

вторник, 4 марта 2014 г.

A report on Helsinki Lolita Convention (Hellocon)

Today I finally publish a report on Hellocon! It was on 1st February 2014, Saturday. Our russian loli group (Katou Noir, Hide Vi, Feba, Spiro with her husband Nemutaisama and me) arrived to Helsinki on Thursday, so we had enough time to look around the city and see some of the sights.
On Friday very friendly finnish aristocrat Toni invited us to have a cup of tea at the famous among finnish lolitas tea room. Of course we accepted the invitation! Only Feba stayed at the hotel because she got frozen during our walk and in addition she had to make some of accessories for the convention on the next day (she brought to Hellocon her own shop – Moon bunny). We had a very nice evening full of talks, thanks Toni!

Next day we woke up early to have enough time to get ready for convention! I chosen to wear Wonder Cookie JSK (initially I wanted to wear Fancy Paper Dolls JSK but I noticed a small smudge on it and I had no time to wash it properly) and pink and fuzzy accessories like My Melody mittens and Tokyo Disney Hat (the special hat for Tokyo Disneyland 30th Anniversary). It was very nice and colorful outfit with a little allusion to the winter time :) Usually winter is cold and snowy in the Nordic countries so you will need warm hat and gloves more than likely ^^
Feba and me left the hotel first because Feba had to be at the Convention before opening as a shop owner. And I was her helper ^^ Our hotel was not so far away from Convention so we had managed this destinations in 20-30 minutes by foot!
We entered without line of course and right off the bat started prepare Moon Bunny shop table!
Feba and Inu (Moon bunny owners) make adorable handmade accessories!

Then I decided to look round and take view of other shops. Just next to us was a table of Atelier Pierrot! And beautiful Yuko Ashizawa herself was a shop-girl!!! Oh wow I didn't expect it XD So I felt shy... But Spiro was more friendly and talked to her 

On this pic you can see Spiro speaking with Yuko and Toni - the guy with long blonde hair in the hat! I don't know why but I didn't take good pic of him neither at our little meet-up on Friday nor at Hellocon -_-

I asked Yuko for pic after all XD

Next to Moon bunny from the other side was a cute items shop with super sweet and lovely sisters-owners!!! They are so kawaii~

And their shop was full of cuteness!

Then I saw counter of korean lolita brand Baroque!

Some pics of other interesting shops

I have to say that at Hellocon I didn't sit in the auditorium all the time. The big part of the day I spent at the Moon Bunny table as a helper, also I was walking around at the second floor with flea market and workshop room (I attended one workshop called 'Lolita tips and tricks' holded by Laura, it was quite nice in spite of the fact it was not what I expected XD)  and simple chatting with my friends and some finnish lolitas.

But I had seen a lot of scene performances too! Very interesting part of it was the interview with famous japanese model Midori Fukasawa!
Anyone could ask a question and Midori answered all of thоse! She asked some questions about European lolitas too :)

Then Midori went to second floor to make some photos. And we (Spiro, Nemutaisama and me) followed her *,,*

We asked Midori to take picture with her and she said 'Of course!' *______*

Also she wanted to take pic with Toni :) What a beautiful couple!

Aaand at this moment we had a chance to chat a little with Midori! It was so sweet~ ♥ We told her that we are from Russia, she was very surprised about it!
Ahaha and looking at my hat she asked if I was at Tokyo Disneyland lately and what is my favorite Disney  ride! XDD
After our little conversation Midori asked to take pic with us for her blog! And she had posted it I had checked XDDD

Well... It's time to post some random pics of my friends!

Feba at the Moon Bunny table

Pirate Spiro!

Gentleman's club XD

Hide Vi and Katou Noir (who just arrived)!

Selfie ^^

Nemutaisama with my pony bag!! XD

Next was a fashion show included a few local brands, korean brands Lief and Baroque and Atelier Pierrot! 
Here are some not very good pics (-_-)

Midori was modeling too!

Next point on the program was designers panel in which Feba as a designer was attending!
They told about their creations, inspiration and so on~

Talking about inspiration - this girl's outfit inspired by Russia! ^^

After designer panel it was very interesting performance called 'Dancing Doll's'. The idea was that girls in lolita outfits were dancing in different styles. And there were pole dance too!!! 0_0
Anyway it looked beautiful :)

Wow I can't believe in it but it was last performance at Hellocon, so my report is over! XD
Hope you enjoyed it~

My outfit snap in the end ^^